Urban Studios Wall Detail

Urban Studios

Residential Remodel

Modern Boutique Suite

Custom furniture with the right proportions and uniform flooring make this 400 square foot, open concept space feel larger than it really is.

Humble materials, such as the glazed pressboard ceiling, create architectural interest. A neutral palette with pops of fun color adds depth and creates contrast. The recessed television, platform headboard and other details are designed to maximize space.
A linear drain and floor to ceiling stacked subway tile turn the bathroom into a wet room. The wall-mounted custom vanity sits suspended above the floor and is protected by tile on the shower side. To add height and drama, the mirror extends to the ceiling. The vanity light is mounted in front to increase brightness and create a focal point.

wet room (noun)

a bathroom with a shower that is fully open or set behind a single wall, with a drain in the sloped floor